Reaction mechanism of preparation of titanium by electro-deoxidation in molten salt


论文作者:王斌 刘奎仁 陈建设

文章页码:2327 - 2331


Key words:titanium; electro-deoxidation; reaction mechanism; molten salt

摘    要:通过低电压电解实验、不同阴极电解对比实验和反电动势测定实验,并结合循环伏安法研究了熔盐电脱氧法制取金属Ti过程中阴极的还原过程。结果表明,还原过程是分步进行的。TiO2先被还原为Ti3O5或Ti2O3,再进一步被还原为Ti3O、Ti2O、TiO或金属Ti。另外,阴极进行的主要电极反应是TiO2的直接电还原反应,同时在阴极也存在一定的钙热还原反应,只是反应强度较弱。另外,分别以钼丝和二氧化钛为研究电极,进行了循环伏安曲线测定。


The electro-deoxidation of TiO2 was investigated in molten CaCl2. Back electromotive force measurements, constant voltage electrolytic experiments, contrast experiments of different cathodes, and cyclic voltammograms were carried out for solving the puzzle of reduction mechanism. The results showed that the reduction process proceeded step by step. TiO2 was first reduced to Ti3O5 or Ti2O3, and then further reduced to Ti3O, Ti2O, TiO and Ti. In addition, direct electrochemical reduction of titanium dioxide was the primary cathodic reaction; meanwhile, some calciothermic reduction reactions also happened at the cathode. Cyclic voltammograms of solid titanium dioxide and molybdenum wire in molten salts with different compositions were also studied.

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