Abrasive wear property of laser melting/deposited Ti2Ni/TiNi intermetallic alloy


论文作者:高飞 王华明

文章页码:1358 - 1362

Key words:TiNi; Ti2Ni; abrasive wear; intermetallic alloy

Abstract: A wear resistant intermetallic alloy consisting of TiNi primary dendrites and Ti2Ni matrix was fabricated by the laser melting deposition manufacturing process. Wear resistance of Ti2Ni/TiNi alloy was evaluated on an abrasive wear tester at room temperature under the different loads. The results show that the intermetallic alloy suffers more abrasive wear attack under low wear test load of 7, 13 and 25 N than high-chromium cast-iron. However, the intermetallic alloy exhibits better wear resistance under wear test load of 49 N. Abrasive wear of the laser melting deposition Ti2Ni/TiNi alloy is governed by micro-cutting and plowing. Pseudoelasticity of TiNi plays an active role in contributing to abrasive wear resistance.

基金信息:the National Natural Science Foundation of China

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