Twinning in weld HAZ of ZK21 commercial magnesium alloy


论文作者:刘俊伟 陈鼎 陈振华

文章页码:81 - 85

Key words:magnesium alloy; twinning; laser beam welding; microstructure

Abstract: The microstructure and properties of Mg ZK21 laser beam weld without filler were researched using optical microscopy (OM), electron microscopy and mechanical test. The results show that the fracture strain of the joints after laser beam welding reduces by about 10.7% at room temperature. By means of laser beam welding, the fusion zones contain tensile RS, while the base material far away from the fusion line is under balancing compressive RS. The microstructures of the weld were characterized by a narrow heat affected zone and twins. Significant {1012} tension twins occur in the weld HAZ during laser welding processing. Due to the influence of temperature field and stress on morphologies, most of twins form twinning bands, which are nearly parallel to the welding direction.

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