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Key words:N235; extractive; separation; rhenium; molybdenum

摘    要:利用N235萃取剂,开展含铼钼精矿焙烧烟气淋洗液中铼和钼分离、提取的研究。结果表明:H+浓度、酸根离子种类和有机相组成都会对钼和铼的萃取率及其分离系数产生较大影响。在硫酸浓度为2.5 moL/L、有机相组成为3% N235+30%仲辛醇+67%煤油(体积分数)条件下,铼的萃取率高、钼铼分离系数大。N235萃取的最优工艺条件为:相比O/A为1:4、萃取平衡时间为2 min、萃取温度为常温。单级逆流萃取铼的萃取率为90.64%,钼的萃取率为10.20%。采用二次三级逆流萃取,铼的总萃取率高达99.41%,而钼的总萃取率仅为11.49%。在此基础上,以氨水为反萃剂,经过浓缩结晶可制得纯度大于99%的高铼酸铵,整个萃取反萃工艺流程铼的综合回收率达到96.04%,实现铼的高效提取。

Abstract: The separation and extraction of Re and Mo using N235 from the enrichment of the eluent of the roasted molybdenum concentrate flue gas were investigated. The results show that the concentration of H+, types of acid radical ions and compositions of organic phase could have an significant effect on their extraction rate and separation coefficient of Mo and Re. The separation coefficient between Re and Mo and extraction rate of Re reach the peak value with the concentration of sulphuric acid 2.5 mol/L and the organic phase compositions 3% N235+30% octanol+67% kerosene. The optimal process conditions of N235 extraction process is as following: the ratio of O/A is 1:4 and keep extracted for 2 min at room temperature. Under the optimal conditions, the extraction rate of Re of single stage can reach 90.64%, while the extraction rate of Mo is only 10.20%. Moreover, using multi-stage countercurrent extraction, the extraction rate of Re is enhanced to 99.41% without obvious effect on the extraction rate of Mo which is only 11.49%. On this basis, ammonium perrhenate of purity more than 99% can be prepared using ammonia as stripping agent, and the comprehensive recovery rate of Re reaches 96.04% during the extraction process.

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