Si diffusion behavior during laser welding-brazing of Al alloy and Ti alloy with Al-12Si filler wire


论文作者:陈树海 李俐群 陈彦宾 刘德健

文章页码:64 - 70

Key words:laser welding-brazing; diffusion behavior; chemical potential; interfacial reaction

Abstract: In laser welding-brazing of Al alloy (5A06) and Ti alloy (Ti-6Al-4V) with rectangular CO2 laser spot and with Al-12Si filler wire, element Si enriches at the interface between Ti substrate and the filler metal. It is found that the Si diffusion behavior has a significant effect on the formation of interfacial intermetallic compounds. To analyze the Si diffusion behavior, a model for the prediction of the chemical potential for ternary alloy was established. According to the calculated results of the influence of the element content and temperature in Ti-Al-Si system on Si chemical potential, the diffusion behavior of Si element was analyzed for Ti dissolution and melting mode, which presents a good agreement with the experimental data. Further, formation mechanism of the interfacial intermetllic compound was clarified.

基金信息:the National Natural Science Foundation of China

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